Clinical Services

To provide health care services and education through prevention, promotion and screenings to prolong and preserve a healthy and meaningful life. To continually assess the needs of the community and respond efficiently and effectively. To provide health care services to individuals who could otherwise not obtain those services. To continually develop staff through training and education so that the needs of the public, as well as the agency, are met.

Open 8:00 am - 4:00 pm  Walk-in welcome

The Putnam County Board of Health is dedicated to the planning, support and enhancement of those basic health services which are community responsive and preventive oriented, utilizing resources and supportive services available through local, state and federal agencies or programs..... Our vision is to give fair consideration to all of our customers and to promote optimal wellness, healthy lifestyles and the highest quality environment to all those residing in our county..... We believe in teamwork and will strive for excellence in all that we do..... We will strive to provide timely and effective responses to all customers and maintain a partnership with other private and public organization in the area.


Every week our sanitarians go on location to inspect businesses to ensure they are meeting health standards of West Virginia for Housing, Water, Food, Sewage.


IOur Office investigates outbreaks of disease in Putnam County and other causes of human illnesses to help prevent its spread.  Epidemiology is the study of health and illness in the community and is considered the foundation of public health.  The Division of Epidemiology tracks infectious diseases, investigates disease outbreaks, educates medical providers and the general public about illness in our community, and most importantly, teaches how to prevent the spread of these diseases.

Prevention and Wellness

The Division of Prevention & Wellness (DPW), previously the Division of Health Promotion, was formed in May 2007 to establish wellness activities for the residents of  Putnam County.  The DPW plans, implements and evaluates policies, strategies and initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles that is supported by evidence based knowledge of prevention and wellness theories.

Emergency Preparedness

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